Looking for Company Formation or Pro assistance in your Com


Looking for Company Formation or  PRO assistance in your Company or for your personal work? 
So, you are in the right way, it is the platform of Helpline Group – The Best PRO’s in Bahrain
Expert squad is always ready to provide a complete solution to solve paperwork issues related to immigration, employment, foreign affairs, legal, etc.

Other major Services we offer :

1. Assistance for WES - transcript verification from university India | USA | UK etc..
2. Company formation for Bahrain | Kuwait | UAE | Canada | UK sponsorship, setup all kind of business trade, professional, WLL license)
3. Assistance nursing good standing certificate Qatar | Kuwait | UAE | Bahrain | Oman | Saudi | Canada | UK | USA
4. All embassy services.
5. True copy attestation.
6. Indian nursing council registration renewal
7. ICAS- international credential assessment service assistance
8. NNAS - national nursing assessment service assessment
9. Data flow verification services
we are one of the approved agent, 100 % genuine attestation with safe handling of documents.
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