60v Battery Charger



Alrightpower offer 60V battery charger varies from 100W to 3600W. With advanced Single-chip microcomputer (MCU) four stage smart charging technology, our battery charger can use different charging modes according to different types of battery and can trace the charging process correctly. Alrightpower battery charger main applications are electric bicycles, tricycles, scooters, power tools forklift, ground washer, electric motorcycle, electric motorcycle, golf cart, sightseeing car, cleaning car, low speed car and other kinds of devices need charge the battery.


Bellowing is our main 60V battery chargers for your reference:

600W battery charger: mainly output is 60V 10A

900W-1500W battery charger :mainly output is 60V 12A,60V 20A

1800W-2400W battery charger: mainly output is 60V 18A。60V30A

3600W battery charger: mainly output is 60V 60A


Features of 60V Battery Charger

Advance Single-chip microcomputer (MCU) four stage smart charging technology.


Worldwide input & Frequency: 100V~240V; 45-65 HZ


Protections: Short circuit protection, Over-voltage protection, Over-temperature protection, Reverse Polarity protection


100% full load burn-in test.


Light weight portable aluminum casing


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