Applications of Power Adapters & Chargers



Applications of Power Adapters & Chargers



Alrightpower's Power adapters are widely used by LOT products.

LOT, is a system of collection of smart devices that with embedded processors, sensors to collect, send and act on data they got from LOT Gateway. LOT devices can answer questions, play music, make calls and control smart home devices such as open the doors and curtains and turn on and off the light, TV, etc. It brings great convenience to our daily life.

Below is our Typical models which are widely used by LOT products 


Consumer Electronics

Alrightpower offers a variety of USB wall chargers, quick chargers, Type C chargers for all kinds of consumer electronics such as MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, cellphone, tablet devices.


Beauty Device

Alrightpower's power adapter is widely used by all kinds of Beauty Devices such as Facial cleanser, hair removal instruments and so on.

Below are our Typical models for beauty devices.


Household Appliances

Alrightpower's power adapter is widely used by all kinds of Household Appliances, such as a humidifier, aroma diffuser, massage instrument, etc.

Almost all of Alrightpower's power adapter is with IEC-61558 standard or IEC 60335-1 standard approval. IEC-61558-1and IEC 60335-1:2020 deal with the safety of electrical appliances for household and similar purposes.

Below is our typical models which are widely used by Household appliances.



Our Battery chargers are widely applied in all kinds of Vehicles such as an electric forklift, electric car, electric motorcycle, electric boat, electricity Sightseeing tour buses, electric patrol cars, electric golf carts, electric scooters, electric lifting platform, electric pallet trucks and so on.


360W to 600W main application: Forklift, ground washer, electric motorcycle and so on

900W to 3600W main application: Electric motorcycle, Golf-cart, Sightseeing car, Cleaning car, Low-speed car and so on


Shen Zhen Shi Alrightpower Technology Co., Ltd is one of professional usb charger manufacturers manufacturers. We provide USB Wall Charger, USB C PD Charger, car charger 110v outlet, vehicle ac adapter, using a portable car battery charger, portable phone charger and car jumper, phone charger car jumper, dc car power adapter, convert car charger to outlet, car to house power adapter and so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.



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