Sun Shading Systems - Automatic Pergola (mars)

السعر: 3,406 KWD

The retractable Mars Pergola with remote control is made of special high tenacity aluminum alloy. Produced by electrostatic painting.
Produced from different construction carrier, resistant to adverse weather conditions. This is the awning system that makes available areas in winter conditions.
Different widths from 300cm to 1100cm.
Different projection from 600cm to 2200cm.
Technical details:
1. German Becker or Somfy Motor
2. Inox construction and connection screws.
3. Black-out resistant and water repellent for all weather conditions
4. Advanced Mehler brand surface material consists of PVC block.
5. Durability wind 90km/h and durability snow height average 30cm.
6. Aluminum rail thickness 145x100cm.
7. Backfurrow size 150x175cm.
8. Dolumn rail thickness 100x160cm.
All products have different types, sizes, colors.
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