Best Gym Turnstiles For Sale 2021

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Why need to install Gym turnstiles?

In order to provide customers with professional fitness services and attract more customers to the gym, it can also reduce the management cost of the gym. It is very important to install an intelligent security gym turnstiles gate in the gymnasium. Many gyms are modified with the original equipment to add intelligent gate equipment. Some gyms are additional intelligent gate channels with the new gymnasium management system.

Intelligent swing turnstile gate machines and intelligent speed gates nz for Gyms are used in many places in office buildings. Now it is no wonder that they are used in gymnasiums. It is very helpful to improve the intelligent management efficiency of gyms by using the matching ticket checking system to configure access control turnstile gates. In particular, face recognition turnstile gates, fingerprint recognition turnstile gates, and finger vein turnstile gates are widely used in gyms.

Type of gym turnstiles gate: bridge swing turnstile gate (more application for past)

Gym turnstiles Function:

  1. Traffic mode: the choice of traffic mode and switch mode
  2. Traffic tips: humanized red and green traffic signs are more convenient to use
  3. Intelligent identification: automatic detection of all kinds of authorized passage
  4. Intelligent monitoring: real-time monitoring of authorized personnel’s traffic behavior, and sending out sound and light alarm for abnormal traffic behavior such as tailing, breaking a gate, reverse transmission, etc
  5. Intelligent anti-pinch: intelligent gate channel installation, intelligent eye sensor, mechanical protection settings
  6. Anti-illegal impact: automatic protection after impact by an external force to protect the normal operation of the gate
  7. Automatic reset: three roller brake, swing brake, wing brake automatically drop the rod and retract the gate wing, an automatic reset function
  8. Automatic opening of power failure: the gate is equipped with an automatic power-off function, and the intelligent pedestrian channel forms a fast gate channel to facilitate the passage of evacuation personnel and avoid the panic caused by congestion
  9. Fire emergency: it has the function of fire linkage, and the gate will open automatically in case of emergency
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