Choose Conductive Type C Bags for Storage of Sensitive Items

Conductive bags are industrial containers extensively used in bulk material packaging and transportation. These bags carry highly sensitive products, which accumulate high electrostatic charges during the filling and discharging process. These charges may cause instant explosions in hazardous environments or in the presence of inflammable substances.

Conductive packaging bags are the most common type of FIBCs used in sensitive, flammable and combustible environments. There is a large demand for these types of packages to mitigate static discharges in the process. These bags are very safe when used properly and consistently. They are frequently used to transport and deliver hazardous chemicals, granules, powders, etc. which may cause electrostatic discharge, leading to dangerous events.

Growing safety awareness and stringent government regulations are driving more and more businesses to opt for Type C bags to avoid the risk of discharge ignition while carrying sensitive products with optimum cost-efficiency.

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