Premium Quality Baffle Bag Manufacturer and Supplier

Baffle Bags or Jumbo Bags belong to the FIBC category. They are, by far, the best option for applications where lack of storage space can be a limiting issue. These bags are built with baffles in their corners that help them to retain their cubical shape even after being filled to their full capacity. These bags are used to store and transport various types of products due to their unique features.

Baffle Bags has Ability to fill 30% more material per bag as compared to the standard FIBC Bags. Moreover, this bags remains within the pallet dimensions when filled. You can use these bags for various industries like Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries

Bulk Corp International is one of the leading manufacturer of superior quality FIBC Baffle Bags. For any requirement related to FIBC Baffle Bags / Q Bags, you may call us on +91-9979881352

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