Excavating Services Montgomery PA


Water is the number one factor in asphalt deterioration, which is why the professionals at Harris Paving Industries work to prevent water from puddling and eroding away your driveway or parking lot. When water pools on asphalt, it eats away at it until it crumbles. During the wintertime, some of the water can seep into small cracks, where it freezes and expands the crack in width and length.

Over time, this improper storm drainage causes large cracks and potholes to develop. Proper drainage is the most important factor in building a structurally sound asphalt surface. Our experts are able to design proper drainage systems for any asphalt driveway, roadway, or parking lot.
We address your property’s drainage and correct issues before we install a new driveway or parking lot. If any of your paved areas have current drainage problems, we offer minor excavating services and can install drainage pipes and tiles to promote the flow of water away from these surfaces. Our driveway excavating services include grading, moving driveways, adding additional parking spaces, and installation of commercial driveways.

We also have the capability to survey and inspect the area that is to be excavated. This allows us the time to grade the property before doing the driveway or parking lot installation.

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