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Baby pillow is the necessary tool for your babies to sleep and reduce the risk of SIDS.This pillow is made of natural latex and wool cotton or memory foam.This is an affordable baby pillow provided at affordable prices.You can also buy our Australian hand made pillows for kids. This kids pillow is very soft and secure for babies.It is breathable and fire resistant.Our pillow is awarded a Golden Bronze or clean or conscious award  in Australia.Our every pillow is a handmade pillow made with GOTS Certified tested by labs.Our every baby pillow is eco friendly chemical free .We provide many types of pillows like kids pillow,baby pillow, toddler pillow,natural latex pillow,organic latex pillow. We provide you pillows at affordable prices with a money back policy..Milari organics provide you Australian no1 baby pillows with 3 to 5 year warranty.Contact us for information :


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