Export and sales Natural Oxygenated Water

Natural Oxygenated Water is a miracle of nature to support life, health and youthfulness! The extra oxygen facilitates your metabolism, nourishes every cell in your body and enhances your performance.

Hourin Natural Oxygenated Water is the result of a long journey taken by water through earth and its minerals in order to become one of the best natural mineral waters. It springs excitedly through rocks and gets oxygenated naturally.

Hourin water can also take a journey inside your body and free its collection of oxygen and minerals to help you stay healthy, happy and youthful. It is sourced from Dimeh spring in Koohrang, Iran. It has a collection of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and chloride with an alkaline PH of 8.07 which makes it one of the highest quality mineral waters.


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