Career Counselling for your Children – Very Important

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When today’s parents graduated from high school and university, times were different. An undergraduate degree was sufficient to find a successful career. You would agree that today’s world for our children is very competitive. Today, not only an undergraduate degree, but post graduate education along with super high performance and a dynamic personality may land your child a career. For one attractive job opening, there are hundreds to thousands of applicants pursuing it.

Why not find out what your child’s strengths and inclinations are at this time so that you can support and set them to be successful. This way, the child won’t be frustrated, confused, won’t waste time in switching majors during their higher studies and this will also end up saving you a lot of grievance and money. Education is not cheap these days!

Please connect with me and immediately save your seat for a free session this Saturday, 7th August 2021 at 5:15 pm Kuwait time. You will learn how to find out your child’s:

*** Strengths, Learning Style, Thinking Style, Personality Style, Brain Dominance, Relationship Compatibility, Acquiring Style, Different Quotients (intelligence, emotional, creativity, adversity), Management Skills (leadership style, communications, decision making ability) ….

These findings help us guide you to:

Select the right Subjects/Majors, Extracurricular activities, areas of development and most importantly a best suitable Career Selection for your children. Know your child better and SET THEM UP TO SUCCEED

So many times, us parents force our children to study what we want them to study. My father told me to study Engineering, so I not only graduated in Mechanical Engineering from USA but also got my Master’s in Engineering from there. Looking back and based on my passion, I would have chosen to become a Psychologist …. But that’s history 😊

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