Mini Solar Street Light

Mini solar street light is more suitable for installation in courtyards, apartments, lawns, and rural areas. Mini solar string lights have an integrated design and are easy to install. The mini solar lights are very popular.


Types Of Mini Solar Street Light


Mini Solar Street Light 510

Mini Solar Street Light 515

Mini Solar Street Light 520

Mini Solar Street Light 530


Advantage of Mini Solar Street Light

1. Mini solar street light can provide lighting for areas that cannot be connected to the grid;

2. Mini solar string lights outdoor with no need of digging trenches for wiring, which helps maintain the integrity of the landscape;

3. Rugged structure and long service life of mini solar street light.


Features of Mini Solar Street Light

The solar mini lights outdoor series have a self-developed appearance certificate. And solar mini lights outdoor have an adjustable base, replaceable controller box and battery box, which have been sold all over the world.




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