moLotus brings you a new approach to revenue generation

Район/Квартал: San Antonio, Texas, Usa

Are you under continuous pressure to boost revenues with traditional sources of revenue fast eroding? There is good news for you!  With new moLotus mobile technology you can uplift revenues in just 3 months.

Digital disruption by moLotus mobile video customer interaction platform; designed and developed by Novosol - one of the fastest growing mobile tech company; has set telcos, advertisers, brands and resellers back on their heels, offering new revenue opportunities via innovation,real mobile advertising, digital transformation, and knowledge transfers.

moLotus is assisting telcos and advertisers in delivering unique campaigns based on lead generation, customer onboarding, customer acquisition, loyalty, retention, support, and more. The campaigns are hyper-personalized, customized, interactive, globally scalable and automated. No app, no data plans and no spam! The new technology creates new revenue streams, cuts costs, uplifts ARPU, maximizes marketing ROI and profitability.

Strategic alliances of moLotus with big telcos is enhancing subscriber data monetization, ARPU & CLV maximization with better EBITDA performance at optimum cost. moLotus is offering deep customer intelligence, easy response, huge scale and near zero cost per interaction, ultimately driving the revenue growth. Connect with us now to know more about moLotus and its benefits for your brand.


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