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Raysolar comes as a fresh change by providing products that make use of renewable sources for energy.  Sources, like- sunlight, wind, etc. are utilized for energy generation that are available in abundance. The company boasts of employees having immense knowledge in their respective department. This not only helps us in producing quality products, but also helps in attending to customer’s queries and provide them with suitable solutions. As solar energy & wind energy Installation Company, we have different systems to offer, namely- Grid-tied, Off-grid, Lighting, & Solar thermal. In the grid tied system, solar panels are either installed on the roof or on a ground mounted system. The energy generated by the panels is directly fed into the meter. An off-grid system is also known as a stand-alone system and is often set up in an isolated place. Solar lighting is probably one of the easiest methods to introduce renewable energy. It is used for custom lighting projects, like- remote camps, parking lots, etc. and in LEDs as well. Raysolar also supplies solar thermal systems in order to make use of heat energy acquired from the sun for heating the house, water, and even hot tubs.

Solar panels absorb the sunlight and use it as a source to generate electricity. They are mostly preferred in commercial & residential applications. Raysolar supplies the mountings that are required during the installation of these panels. The mountings are durable, capable of withstanding loads for a prolonged period.

Products such as AC/DC switches, Solar Surge Protection Device, etc. are a part of system balance segment. The surge protection device is used for protecting the devices from any voltage spikes. A Solar charge controller limits the amount of current that is to be added or drawn from the batteries. There are different charge controller like MPPTcharge controller, PWM charge controller, MPPT Charge Controller with RTS, PWM Charge Controller with LVD & many more.

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