Duratech Otr Tires

Ortec designs, tests and manufactures a range of OTR tires for sale that can deal with even the most challenging applications in mining, construction, port handling and operations on the snowy or icy road surface. We give our clients options, radial tire or bias tire, the right pattern, the right compound, etc. It's not about which is better, but about what works best for their specific application. With 20 years plus experience in OTR technology, applications and services, we help our clients select the right OTR tires to maximize uptime with the least investment.




By Machine Type


ADT Tires

Premium quality E3 and E4 tires in both regular base and wide base for articulated haulers.


Backhoe Loader Tires

Premium quality cross-ply tires with extra traction and durability for backhoe loader tires.


Bulldozer Tires

Premium quality dozer tires developed to take on challenges from all applications.


Crane Tires

Premium quality tires for highway and off-highway applications of mobile cranes.


Compactor/Roller Tires

Premium quality tires under classical pattern for compactors/rollers.


Dump Truck Tires

Most durable off-highway dump truck tires long and widely tested in mining and quarrying.


Grader Tires

Premium quality grader tires designed with the best traction, durability and comfort.


Loader Tires

Premium quality loader tires with optimal combination of performance and purchase price.


Mining Truck Tires

Premium quality rigid dump truck tires designed and manufactured for the least downtime.


Reach Stacker & Telehandler Tires

Premium quality terminal tires with an extensive speed capability and extra load capacity.


Straddle Carrier Tires

Premium quality straddle carrier tires designed to take on extra load.


LHD (Load Haul Dump) Tires

Tough LHD tires designed to stand up to tough underground conditions.


Underground Mining Truck Tires

Premium quality underground mining truck tires with downtime-reducing compounds, reinforced casing and sidewall.


By Industry


Earthmover Tires & Mining Tires

Ortec offers 35 tire sizes under 21 different patterns for a range of mining equipment and earthmovers.


Construction Tires

The Ortec construction range covers a wide range of 14 tire sizes under 11 patterns for construction equipment.


Port Tires

Ortec supplies a line of premium quality tires for the most demanding sizes fitted on reach stackers, container handlers, straddle carriers and terminal tractors.


Snow Tires

A selected pattern featuring excellent traction is specially designed for loaders and graders that operate on snowy or icy underfoot.


Advantages of Ortec OTR Tires


Ortec positions itself as a premium brand that supplies equal or 90% plus quality with Tier 1 brands at 50% to 70% of the Tier 1 brands pricing. lt means the best cost-effectiveness for our customers.


The Ortec China tire factory boasts one of the biggest OE tire suppliers in China and is supplying 20,000+ sets of tires to some of the biggest construction and mining equipment manufacturers.


Ortec is specialized in OTR technology and applications, especially in earthmover tires. We take pride in employing a group of brilliant engineers, some with 30 years technical expertise. And they jointly work out leading architecture and compounds for earthmover tires.


Ortec is close to end-users. We listen to our customers, adapt our OTR tyres for their specific needs, provide after-sale service and help them with their tire management. The ultimate goal is to help them make the most out of their investment.


Ortec is a professional otr tire factory. We provide Backhoe Loader Tires, Bulldozer Tires, wholesale otr tires, the best off road tyres and so on. Want to know about otr tire cost? Want to buy otr tires? Please contact us.


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