The Egyptian Gods Seen In Philae Sound And Light Show

At each Philae Sound and Light show, the Egyptian gods and goddesses are, like Osiris, resurrected before our eyes to tell us their life stories. The myth of Isis and Osiris comes to life through dazzling lights and capturing music, with sounds from the deepest bottoms of ancient history. This show brings history and the past to life, making you feel the temple alive around you; the myth is resurrected. This presents the myth of Osiris, the goddess of death and his beloved wife Isis, who resurrected her husband using life rituals after being killed by his brother, Set, the God of Evil in ancient Egypt. A large number of temples were constructed on the island of "Philae", perhaps the oldest of these temples is dating back to the reign of King Thutmose III (1490-1436 BC). In the fourth century BC, King "Nectanebo" (378-341 BC) built a giant temple, then "Ptolemy Veladlv", third century BC, built his great temple, and then followed by many of the Ptolemaic kings and Roman rulers; the most famous of it is the "bed of the Pharaoh.

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