Zeitgenössischer Tanz Aufbaukurs | Contemporary Dance Berlin

Čtvrť/Oblast: Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

THE CENTER: School of Performing Arts in English
Studio 1: Esmarchstraße 5, 10407 Berlin
Studio 2: Mülhauser Str. 6, 10405 Berlin
https://www.thecenter-berlin.de | 030.40048440

Contemporary Choreography | Adults (90 Minutes)
Zeitgenössischer Tanz -  Aufbaukurs 
Taught in English. Unterrichtssprache ist Englisch. Alle Sprachstufen.

Mittwoch, 19:30 – 21:00 · Studio 1

The Center will finally be open for in-person classes again beginning Tuesday, June 8th 2021.

Offener Kurs - jederzeit einsteigen!

Dies ist ein Aufbaukurs für diejenigen, die schon etwas Tanzerfahrung gemacht haben. Wir verbinden Grundelemente des modernen und zeitgenössischen Tanzens zu Bewegungen im Raum. Wir arbeiten an Gewicht und Schwerkraft, Balance und Nicht-Balance, an Richtungsänderung, Fallen und Rollen.

This class is open to new movers and people with prior dance experience. The focus of the class is combining basic contemporary and modern dance techniques to enable the student to move through the space with control and originality. We will begin with a floor sequence and progress to energetic, flowing exercises using basic coordination that involve working with weight shifts and gravity, balance and off-balance, direction change, jumping, falling and rolling. This class is a chance to utilize understood, fundamental technique and skills through original choreographic phrases created by our teachers.
Our classes are taught exclusively in English by native-English speaking performing artists.

The Center in Prenzlauer Berg is Berlin’s only School of Performing Arts in English. We offer a wide variety of dance, ballet, acrobatics, musical theater, and acting classes for kids, teens, and adults - all taught in English.  Our instructors are native English speakers from all over the world and professional artists in their fields. Visit our website, join us on FACEBOOK and come by and enjoy being part of our international English-speaking crowd!

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