Japanese online lesson for beginners 【25/6 Updated】


Konnichiwa ! Hope you stay safe and healthy.

【NEW!!】Online group lesson starts from 7pm(UTC) Mon 6th July ! 

Would you like to be able to speak Japanese? My lessons are perfect for people who
-Loves Japanese culture
-Has plan of traveling to Japan
-Wants to start something new

if you have never learned Japanese, don't worry! Many students start learning with me and all of them are able to write all hiragana alphabets after 6 lessons.

■About me■
- Professional and qualified Japanese teacher
- Teacher experience 6+ years
- Have teaching experiences at
   ・Private lessons 100+ times
   ・Japanese teaching volunteer group for 2 years
           ・High school in New Zealand for 1 year
   ・Language school in London for 10 month
- BA in Japanese university and major was the Japanese language education.
- Japanese anime, games, food, and kimono lover! (My recent hot game is the Animal crossing...well...unnecessary info though...haha)
- Big passion and enthusiasm on teaching......

■About my lessons■
I use my original made PowerPoint presentation for each lessons. After lessons I will send it to you and you can review what you learned in lessons.

Lesson plan example...
Lesson 1  Self introduction
Lesson 2  Basic phrase “I like~.” “Do you like~?”, Hiragana alphabet
Lesson 3  Asking direction “Where is/are~?” “I would like to go~.” Hiragana
Lesson 4  Asking direction, Shopping “Do you have~?”, Hiragana
Lesson 5  Shopping “How much~?” Numbers, Hiragana
Lesson 6  Shopping “I will have~.” Hiragana writing [complete all hiragana]

...After that I will decide contents depends on your learning speed, interests, and purposes.
If you have specific contents you want to learn I can change may plan so please let me before we start lessons.

【1 to 1 lessons】 Start any time. 1.5 hours. €20
We discuss about lesson contents and I find out exactly what you need to learn. I  create personalized lessons depends how level you are and what you would like to learn.

【Beginner Group lessons】 Start from 7pm(UTC) 6th July. 2 hours. €15 per lesson,.
1 term include 6 lessons. Follow the plan as I explained above. You will learn basic phrases for daily life and all 46 hiragana alphabets include diversion.

You can choose 1.5h from 10:00am - 10:00pm (UTC) any day for now

Lesson fee:
1-to-1 lesson €25 → Now on discount €20 per 1.5h 
Group lesson €15 per 2h × 6 lessons =€90 Lesson fee should be prepaid.


More information here: https://shokojapaneselesson.wordpress.com/


I use Zoom for lessons so please download the Zoom before the lesson.
If you don't know how to download it please feel free to ask me.

For more details please check my website or feel free to contact Shoko Toda by email directly.

I am looking forward to see you in lesson. Arigato gozaimas!


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