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Struggle with tones? Characters?
Do you know that you can master the basics of the Chinese language in just a month?
I do beginner classes for adults. Aside from that, I also customize lessons for adults, be it conversational Mandarin, writing or other aspects of the language, I can help you out!
My teaching philosophy/style: I have been working with students of different cultures and backgrounds, I understand the struggle of my students who are learning the language, I also understand the psychology of learning. I go through things slowly and patiently with students, start off with something easy then gradually move on to something more difficult, so to cultivate a sense of confidence and mastery in my students. My lessons are interactive, I don’t just recite the teaching contents, I make sure my students actually learn and progress.
Learn from a native Chinese speaker who is patient and friendly! Please contact me to find out more. :)
Whatsapp: +60126927239

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