Equipment for the production of multilayer pipes

Čtvrť/Oblast: Portugal

Technological line for the production of welded multilayer metal-polymer composite pipes with high resistance to delamination

To increase the strength of the connection of the layers of plastic and metal, a unique technology of plasma modification of the surface of the aluminum layer PSA (Plasma surface activation) is used.

MLSC composite pipes produced on this series of equipment are distinguished by high resistance to delamination, strength, and durability.

New extrapolation technology for the stabilization of extruders ensures high accuracy of the geometric dimensions of the pipes.

The lines of this series are economical and easy to operate, automated start-up from a single button reduces starting losses.

Composite pipes MLSC is an ideal solution for water supply systems, radiator and underfloor heating, surface heating and air conditioning, gas supply, soil heating of greenhouse complexes.

Available diameters: 16 ... 40, 40..110 mm

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