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The basic requirement for Eductors are to perform according to given parameter with trouble free operations. These are used at mainly at remote locations or at very challenging locations or experiencing extreme weather conditions. AXIS brings you the equipment to meet diverse and exacting demand which runs trouble free for 24 X 7 in Power generation sector, Chemical plants, Process Plants, Instruments Panels, Food Processing machinery. AXIS Educators offer a non-electrical means, no mechanical moving parts for transporting a sample stream. Educator work on the basic flow dynamics principles. The principle of venturi nozzle applies here. This involves taking a power of one stream and accelerating through tapered nozzle by increasing velocity of the stream and create a vacuum due to increased flow & decreased pressure. This will move power of one stream to create a vacuum for other. In turn both are mixed together & discharge from the exhaust port. Eductors are also known as Mechanical Vacuum Pump or Venturi Pump. Application like hazardous area where electrical apparatus is the challenge to use, can have Eductor as best alternatives.

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