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Second Sun integrated power system is a home/office battery that stores solar energy, so you can use it to power your home or office appliances in order to reduce your power bills and reliance on grid electricity. With this system, you are assured of energy security and a clean energy lifestyle. Solar power system provides backup power or easily integrates with solar to ensure your home/office is powered 24/7.


Advantages of Integrated Power System:

· Integrated power system is a solar power system for home. The solar power system for home is always ready to be used and easy to be operated.

· The solar power system for cabin has no installation cost.

· The solar power system for cabin has no wires but with high efficiency.

· The solar power system for home is like an integrated handy box, which can be put in anywhere you want like an air conditioner.

· The design of solar power system is similar with that of combined solution integrated handy box, which is simple, beautiful and practical.


Roof or ground mount?

There is no "best" option here as it all depends on your property. If your home is angled away from the sun, a ground-mounted solar system may be more suitable. If you don't have the spare garden or land for a ground mount, you may have to use a roof mount.


Some listed buildings or those with unusual configurations may not be able to use roof-mounted solar panels. In those situations, you may have no choice but to use a ground-mounted system. The two types of solar power system installation can generate an equal amount of energy so there is no right or wrong answer here.


Size of the Solar Panel Will You Need?

How many watts of solar panel will you need? Which types of solar power generation system do you want? What prices of solar power system do you want? That depends entirely on how much energy you need to generate. Every situation is different and depends on your home's average energy use, hours of sunshine per day, roof angle to the sun, size of your roof, and a number of other factors. As a solar power system wholesaler, we offer customized solar power systems with affordable price for sale. And our experienced engineers will calculate the best solution and provide the best solar power system design for your requirements.


Why A Family Need A Integrated Power System?

1. Reduce the reliance on power grid.

2. Save part of the power bill for the low cost of solar power system.

3. To be a standby power supply.

The solar power system working principle makes it be able to replace the diesel generator, and complete the green and cleaning of energy.




What is a integrated power system?

A integrated solar system is a complete package that contains everything you need to generate your own energy. The solar power system working principle makes it to be suitable for homes, holiday homes, offices and larger buildings that want energy independence and help create green energy.


The system will include:

· Solar panels and mounting kits for roof or ground mounting.

· A integrated power system with lithium batteries and build in inverter.




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