Buy Prime Cs:go With Your Preferred Ranked

Now you can directly upgrades your CS:GO Accounts to Prime at just 10.99$ only. You don't need to reach Level 21 and no longer need to add mobile number to eligible prime matchmaking. offering Global Prime Upgraded accounts with ranks ranging from Fresh / Level 1 to Global Elite.
Just choose your desire rank -> Make order and start playing. Don't waste your times by reaching level 21, there are lots of hackers in non prime matchmaking. So, you wont be able to play freely with csgo non prime accounts. To avoid hackers you can directly buy csgo prime accounts

What you will get with Prime Accounts ?

  1. Your preferred rank with Wins / Hours / Medals.
  2. Steam Account along with email access. So, that you can able to change steam password and email as well.
  3. Instant delivery via email just after successful payment is done.

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