Område/Nabolag: Pal Rto

Trackton is an ultimate water jet loom data monitor and textile production tracking software that not only tracks the data but also provides reports that can be used to improve the overall efficiency of the production unit. Let's take a look at few of the primary and best features of trackton. It records realtime production data and generates reports that are complete and quantifiable. If you want an overall health report of thetextile unit then complete and true performance reports are must. Without performance reports no one would be able to indentify the bottlenecks of the shed and can impact the overall performace. But trackton is designed and developed after years of industry studies and tests, production data it records are complete, real time and without any errors, thanks to the AI powered chip custom designed by the Trackton Systems.
There are numerous features and benefits of the trackton which you won't find in other conventional loom data monitoring systems. The system is equipped with color coded interface, machine groups, loom machine stoppage reports, speed in RPM, Beam level alerts, produced fabric length, shift wise reports, reports via e-mail.

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