Boost your Customer Lifetime Value with molotus

Område/Nabolag: Phoenix, Arizona, Usa

Improving Customer Lifetime Value has always been a priority for telco businesses, but with mounting challenges, how do they make headway? To be able to do so, brands and telcos need powerful marketing technology. moLotus technology assists them retain more customers, enhance ARPU, reduce cost and increase profits quickly - just 3 months!

Big telecom brands have partnered with moLotus mobile video customer interaction platform and technology designed by Novosol, a global mobile technology company. Telcos acquire, engage and retain more customers via moLotus real mobile advertising and breakthrough transformation.

The unique platform enhances all stages of customer lifetime value management. It creates hyper-personalized, customized, interactive, globally scalable and automated mobile advertising campaigns delivering value to a massive customer base. No app, no data plans required!

Telcos can easily automate and transform their customer processes via moLotus breakthrough transformation capabilities earning high margin revenues at lower costs. moLotus has made data monetization, innovation and digitization easy for telcos. To explore and know more about the benefits of moLotus connect with us.

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