Revolutionize revenue strategy with moLotus for Banks

Område/Nabolag: New York City, New York, Usa

Ever wondered how global banks can overcome resource constraints and fierce competition to unlock high-margin revenue and boost product usage? Unlock a new era of revenue growth for Banks! moLotus, the cutting-edge mobile video customer interaction platform designed and developed by Novosol – a global mobile tech company, empowers banks to drive high-margin revenues through personalized campaigns, unmatched data analytics, and innovative features.

Banks across the globe are building on the digital banking momentum with moLotus. The breakthrough mobile video customer interaction technology has digitally disrupted banking processes; influencing customer preferences, engagement, and revenue generation. No app, no data plan required!

moLotus has opened up new product revenue generation opportunities for banking enterprises including HSBC, DBS, CIMB, BCA, Mandiri, BSI and UOB through the promotion of credit card usage, deposit drives, loan approvals, insurance, and retail transactions.

The unique platform and technology enhance all stages of customer lifetime value management (CLVM). It creates hyper-personalized, customized, interactive, globally scalable and automated mobile advertising campaigns that deliver value to a massive customer base. No app, no data plans required!

The hyper-personalized campaigns can be created targeting special occasions like anniversaries, reminders, birthdays, and festivals. They improve customer loyalty adding to the conversions and sales. Brands can intrigue and interact more with customers by creating informative and interactive campaigns via moLotus easy response options including SMS, USSD, Call, Web Click, and more.

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