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Område/Nabolag: Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

A barrier in the field of development of Telehealth software is the fact that people are comfortable with the traditional form of visit since it allows them to interact in person, with the clinician. This problem is taken care of by the best Telehealth software developed by SISGAIN since it allows the users to interact with one and other on medical grounds using the feature of video conferencing. Video consultation is an effective tool that is preferred mostly due to its enhancing ability. Often, we have seen that people choose face-to-face mode of communication at telehealth apps as it boosts one’s confidence and trust. Medical experts have reported to prefer video conferencing as it helps them to study the vital signs of the patients, their weight, etc. which is important for deriving conclusive remedy and accurate diagnosis. A clinician can share the screen with a number of patients. During the times of the virus when the patients have outnumbered the healthcare providers, it is crucial to utilize the feature of screen sharing. This saves time and medical supplies. The patients are well attended to and do not need to travel or wait in a crowded clinic. One can simply wait in a virtual waiting room and watch videos or read articles related to health. The entire process of conducting an appointment is done virtually by the help of mobile telehealth solutions. For more information call us at +18444455767 

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