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Område/Nabolag: Shaab Albahari

              Take care of your body,its the only place you have....

Let  yourself be pampered and enjoy our luxurious treatment for your wellbeing and balance.

SERVICES: SPA                                    SALON:                                                         we have also for Aerobics and Sports Turorial                        

swedish massage                                  eyelashes        Brazilian wax                          Aerobics Dance

shiatsu                                                   manicure          package                                 zumba

sport massage                                       pedicure           mani/pedi/footspa                  sports

combination                                           footspa                                                           

foot massage                                         facial        

traditinal hilot                                         waxing Lip

thai massage                                         waxing hand

pregnancy massage                              waxing leg

for inquiry just dial +96594099239

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