English & Pronunciation Lessons with Accent Development

Bezirk/Stadtteil: Manama

I have 6 years of experience in teaching the English Language, I specialize in providing intermediate and advanced level English courses and academic preparation programs.

As a former student of Cognitive Psychology, my approach towards teaching English is very pragmatic & unique. Due to my extensive experience in teaching English and years of development in refining my courses through error and correction. I am able to offer quality, research-informed courses for students from undergraduate to doctoral levels. 

I offer courses, workshops, and consultations in the following areas:

·       English for academic and research purposes

·       General English and examination preparation

·       Business English for professional purposes

My approach

My method of teaching is based on the fundamentals of cognitive psychology. I use techniques that strongly affect your memory providing simultaneous training methods to practice different components of the English language at once. The course focuses on developing entertaining methods to improve writing, listening, reading & speaking skills so that my students and clients stay concentrated throughout the session.

My sessions generally consist of: - Active discussions, Speech development & Training, Debates, Role-plays, Research, General conversations and new experiments. I encourage my clients to speak by writing fresh and exciting content every week to generate interest and build conversations. Most of my students/clients maintain a daily diary to enhance their writing skills which we discuss in class to track improvement and make corrections. Some of my students prefer sending their daily diaries to my e-mail diarysubmission (at) g mail (dot) com in advance to preserve time for other activities during the sessions. I also give out free novels and other exciting books to interested readers. The course facilitates my Students/Clients with audio lessons in their native language to enhance their vocabulary. I recommend youtube talk shows and give out movies with English subtitles to develop listening and reading skills. I also e-mail interesting articles to my students that I find overtime on the internet. Overall I work intensely on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills for general and academic English. Including lessons on the English accent using phonology, contractions, phrasal verbs, and idioms!

I incorporate reading, listening and writing skills into the lessons for essays, c.vs, application forms, interview preparation and reports, as well as giving you homework and useful learning materials. I like to think that my lessons are creative and fun, designed to increase skills and confidence making English seem very easy to learn.

My Belief & Technique

A language must be experienced in order to be learned. Teachers are Dialogue Facilitators. Grammar is learned inductively and always in the context of a natural conversation. Students practice using language skills necessary for meaningful, practical everyday situations.

Communicative approach - My English classes are student-centered (with me "the teacher" talking 15% of the time and the students talking 85% of the time). Stimulating role-playing activities, discussions & problem-solving are all part of my course. Newly acquired language skills are continually reinforced through speaking, reading, writing, and listening exercises. Communication and full immersion are stressed from day one. I establish close personal contact with my students to create a friendly environment.

My Mission

I provide an intellectual, social and physical environment in which students and other clients can develop their language skills for academic and/or professional purposes. With my experience and track record, I can offer specialist expertise in English for Academic and Research Purposes and English for Specific Purposes, as well as in the development of general English-language proficiency. I have the technique, knowledge & experience necessary to offer quality, research-informed teaching which responds effectively to my clients' needs and which facilitates students' University work from undergraduate to doctoral levels.

My Aim

Excellence & Fluency

Excellence: to provide excellent programmes and courses for students and clients and to strive for professional excellence.

Fluency: To help my students/clients deliver information quickly and with expertise.

Terms & Conditions:

1. All payment for the month of tuition is required at the start of the month in order to secure dates and times for that month

2. There is no contract or demand to pay for more than one month’s worth of lessons but any cancellations or no-shows will not receive a refund for lessons missed in the month paid;

3. Late arrivals to lessons will be accommodated on the understanding that I will be unable to teach for more than the agreed time

4. Essays which are marked and graded and feedback provided will be charged on a consultancy basis in advance, e.g. payment for hours anticipated to do the above will be charged and paid before the essay is viewed. Any non-used hour’s/minutes will be refunded.

5. No payment will be requested unless agreed in advance (no student will be required to pay any monies which have not been agreed to in advance)

*Introductory Lesson will be charged*

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