Digital Fish Feeder Timer Automatic Betta Fish Food Dispense

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Digital Fish Feeder Timer comes with a big size fish food dispenser box: 200ml. The LCD display, intelligent control. Four-stage timing setting: feeding fish 1-4 times a day.


Auto Fish Feeder Details:

- Size: 15x7.5x11cm


Auto Fish Feeder Features:

1. With this automatic fish feed, no more asking the neighbors to drop in to feed your fish or your turtles when you need to go out of town.

2. It works by using a timer to serve food over several hours, and it can hold an approximate 21-day supply—which means you can go on vacation and trust that your fish are getting properly fed.

3. The moisture-resistant hopper keeps food fresh and accommodates most types of food, including flakes, pellets or crumbles.

4. If you don’t want to be lazy, just press the manual override and it will automatically deliver a single feeding at the press of a button.


Auto Fish Feeder Install methods:

- According to the form of the tank, there are two installation methods.

1. Edge of the stent placed in the tank, tighten the plastic screws.

2. Separate both sides of the adhesive tape, torn sticker on the back, attache it to the bottom and the tank cover feeder appropriate location.


Auto Fish Feeder Power supply:

- Works with two AA batteries (Not Included), easy to replace the battery yourself.


Auto Fish Feeder Convenient Feeding for Everyday:

- The timer feeder allows you to set up to four automatic feedings per day. You can program it to feed at any hour of the day or night and have it deliver either a single or double or triple feeding. At the same time, you can also feed manually and experience the fun of feeding.


Auto Fish Feeder Notice:

- Don't twist the feeding box by hand.

- Please set this item above the tank higher to avoid the water.


Auto Fish Feeder Package Includes:

1 x Automatic Fish Feeder


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