Fish Incubator

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Fish Incubator

SENZEAL has many professional fish egg incubator for sale. Our fish Incubator price is very nice. They would be the best choice for you!


Why We Need Fish Incubator

The purpose of Fish Incubator is to allow fresh water to circulate over spawn separated from the mother. Fresh, clean water allows spawning to grow in an oxygen-rich environment, where mold and fungus growth is suppressed without the need for chemicals. Fish Incubator is often used by breeders. The slight rolling motion caused by these fish incubators can simulate the normal hatching of these fish. Incubate the hatching fish in the same tank, providing the same water environment during hatching. Also used for other non-sticky fish spawn to help prevent the fungus from rolling, the fish Incubator can sometimes be a key necessity. After using the fish incubator, the hatching rate of fish spawn can be improved.


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