Al Marmoom: Experience the Bedouin Way of Life

Preis: 69 EUR/Täglich
Bezirk/Stadtteil: Dubai

Ever pondered visiting the most beautiful sight you can possibly see? Visit Al Marmoom, the largest unfenced nature reserve in the UAE. Admire the flawless beauty of nature's treasure as you stroll across the never-ending dunes.
Prepare to witness nature's abundance and the wonders of the desert in all their grandeur as you explore this wonderland affordably with OceanAir Travels. Al Marmoom Oasis offers a breathtaking view of the oasis in the middle of the desert together with a typical Bedouin Village visit, a village made of natural materials like goat hair that allows visitors to get a true sense of Emirati culture. 
With our desert safari at Al Marmoom Oasis, you may ride a camel caravan through the endless sand dunes. Experience the authentic essence of desert life and Bedouin culture through the Al Marmoom desert safari.  During the Arabic coffee-making session, enjoy taking a sip of the exclusive Arabic coffee. The exploration is made more interesting by additional activities like dressing up in traditional Arabian attire and taking pictures with the magnificent Falcon. Additionally, we offer a typical Bedouin breakfast to satiate your appetite.
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