Patentability Search

Preis: 10.000 INR/Wöchentlich
Bezirk/Stadtteil: Greater Noida Uttar Pardesh

At IIPRD, we provide different services to our clients, including prosecution support, commercial support, patent search support, analytical support, litigation support, docketing, and paralegal support, We also provide IP valuation, IP training, and auditing services. We practice globalized market standards like the U.S, Canada, Germany, UK, China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Etc, and provide services strategically, comprehensively, and meticulously. We also routinely perform specialized prior art searches like Accelerated Exam Searches, Design Searches, Chemical Structure Searches, Biological Sequence Searches, Non-Patent Literature Searches, Product Searches, Technology Investigation, and Opportunity Scouting.