Purchase Unique handmade original Israeli Tallitot

Bezirk/Stadtteil: Kibbutz Beit Haemek, 25115

Handmade tallitot always wins when compared to machine made tallits. That's because tallitot is meant to be handcrafted to maintain the purity and raw frilled structure. And, that is very hard to attain in machine manufacturing. At Galilee Silks we make our tallits as per the traditional procedures of tallit making. Every knot is tied carefully, so as to number the beads and strings accurately. The fringes in tallitot connect you to the commandments of God. We make sure not to disrespect this truth. So with us, your virtue remains secured. Purchase our original Israeli tallitot, at Galilee Silks or call us at 1-800-414-4108.