Plasti Dip® Spray Motorcycle Kit at the Best Price Order now

Bezirk/Stadtteil: 1011 Limoges Rd provides the best Plasti Dip® Spray Motorcycle Kit at an Affordable range. A lot of people Prefer choosing Plasti dip over any other products because Plasti dip resists moisture and protects against electric shock. It is anti-slip and abrasion resistant, remains flexible and stretchy no matter the climate conditions and much more. This kit is perfect for dipping a Motorcycle or any other project.
This Kit Includes:
-Earlex HV3500 Spray Station
-Paint Mixer for Drill
-1 Gallon Plasti Dip® Spray
-1 Roll of 1.5" Blue Painter's Tape
This kit is available at the best price of CA$289.99. Visit the website now -