Increase Your Travel Security. Get Travel Insurance!

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From unexpected health concerns to flight delays, anything can get in the way of your dream vacation. Your best protection? A comprehensive travel insurance package that takes into account your specific travel needs. Force majeure and other events may occur but your financial security and peace of mind are nevertheless ensured.

Medipac Travel Insurance, an established travel insurance provider trusted by the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) and the Canadian Snowbird Association (CSA), offers the following insurance plans for the benefit of Canadian seniors, snowbirds and travellers:

1. Travel Medical Insurance — This package is recommended for everyone going on short-term or long-term trips. It provides full coverage for most stable and controlled pre-existing diseases for travellers of any age. Maximum emergent benefit policy holders may receive under this plan amounts to not more than $2 million, which already includes coverage for honspitalization fees, coronary or ICU care, vehicle transport (e.g. ambulance, air lift) and specialist consultation among others.

2. Annual Travel Insurance Plan — A package designed for Canadian travellers with multiple trips in a 12-month period. All trips, provided each is between 23 to 33 days, will be covered by a single plan. Policy holders need not pay different premiums for different trips but will only pay for a single premium.

3. Trip Cancellation Insurance — Medipac’s Trip Cancellation Insurance package not only provides coverage for cancelled trips but policy holders also have the option to include coverage for flight delays, baggage loss, baggage delays and in-flight services.

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