Travel Health Insurance + FREE Travel Insurance Guide

Bezirk/Stadtteil: Quebec

An efficient way to ensure your financial and medical security while travelling is to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance plan that can also be customized to suit your specific travel or health needs. We recommend looking for a provider that not only covers pre-existing conditions regardless of age but also able to accommodate different types of Canadian travellers such as multi-trip travellers, snowbirds and senior travellers. 

For travellers with multiple trips overseas or within the country, getting an Annual Travel Insurance package from Medipac Travel Insurance Canada is highly recommended. This package covers all 23 to 33-day trips (within or outside the country) through a single plan, payable through a single premium.

Getting the annual plan means:
1. There's no need to have a policy for every trip as all trips will be under one insurance policy.
2. The plan has the same comprehensive benefits as the Medipac Travel Insurance plan.
3. Any number of international or local trips can be covered.

To know more about Medipac's Annual Travel Insurance, visit or call +1 888-633-4722.

We're also giving away a FREE travel medical insurance guide! Download it directly from our website