7 Benefits of Saffron

Bezirk/Stadtteil: Subang Jaya

7 Benefits of SAFFRON

1.       PREVENTS DIABETES - Saffron or its extracts are known to be quite effective in   preventing diabetes. It can raise the level of insulin and also enrich your insulin sensitivity.

2.       PREVENTION FOR ANEMIA- Using Kashmiri Saffron can benefit people suffering from Anemia.

  3.       HEALTHY DIGESTION- Mix few Kashmiri Saffron Strands in water and drink, this solution   to improve your digestion.

  4.       CANCER PREVENTING AGENT-  Did you know that SAFFRON can fight cancerous cells .It engages the process of APOTOSIS which means that the cancer cells are forced to die their own.

 5.       ENHANCES CARDIOVASCULAR HELTH- Various studies has proven that intake of Kashmiri SAFFRON can actually give a healthy boost to our CARDIOVASCULAR system.

 6.       IMPROVE ALZHEIMER’S SYMPTOMS- Certain researches has proved that using a SAFFRON induced product (Kashmiri Saffron) can improve the symptoms related ALZHEIMER.

   7.       STIMULATES WEIGHT LOSS- A research conducted in Malaysia has proved that by taking satiereal capsules which is made from SAFFRON Extract, people have experienced as their satiety levels as well as remarkable increase of weight loss.