Only Crocus Sativus provides Saffron

Bezirk/Stadtteil: Petaling Jaya

Only Crocus Sativus provides SAFFRON

 ·         A delicate highly valued spice, with very interesting medical properties, prescribed in Homeopathy   

 ·         Saffron provides taste and it a powerful dye

·         It is a corm planted at 15cm depth, multiplying yearly and produces new corms

 ·         Crocus Sativus is a sterile plant, therefore for over 3000 years pure

  ·         Crocus Sativus has a reversed vegetation cycle, leaves come out in September and the plant flowers in October, and dries up in May-June next year

  ·         Saffron flower is composed 6 (Six) Petal’s ,3 (three) golden Stamens and one red pistil (joined with 3 Stigmas

  ·         It is this pistil made up of 3 stigmas which when dried up gives the spice saffron