Website development. Drupal

We work on projects using the Agile methodology (Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall), that allows us to accelerate development process and at the same time stay flexible for clients. The main specialization of the company – CMS Drupal web design. We were starting work yet with Drupal 6, then with Drupal 7. At the current time we are working with the last advanced version Drupal 8. So, I may say, that we have been with Drupal from its very launch.

The technologies and tools we use:
1.    PHP
2.    HTML
3.    CSS (Sass/Less Preprocessors)
4.    JavaScript / EcmaScript 6
5.    Ajax
6.    VueJs
7.    Gulp
8.    Bootstrap
9.    Node.js
10.    Photoshop
11.    Axure RP