Thai Translation Service

Preis: 100 EUR/Stündlich

Warm greetings from CNX Translation!


We would like to offer multilingual translation & Transcription services. We provide a wide range of services to translation agencies and direct clients.


CNX Translation offers top quality Translation & Transcription Service from;

-  Thai From and To English: (0.05 USD. to 0.09 USD per word)

-    Chinese From and To English: (0.08 USD. to 0.12 USD per character)

-    Chinese From and To Thai: : (0.08 USD. to 0.12 USD per character)

-    English From and To French: (0.08 USD. to 0.14 USD per word)

Other languages on upon request

*[Price varies depending on factors such as nature of text, deadline, availability and long-term relationship]*


We are ready to provide you with the most accurate translation and our services include a complete quality assurance process in the service area:

-         General Translation Service

-         Legal Translation Service

-         Commercial Translation Service

-         Back Translation Service

-         Financial Translation

-         Email and Newsletter Translation Service.

-         Medical Translation

-         Typing Service

-         Editing and Proofreading Service


Special Offer for Private Letter Translation [Thai From and To English Only]

We designed translation vouchers for you to connect with your loved ones at more competitive rates. Three vouchers are available:


(1) $50 (1,000 words) valid within 3 months.

(2) $100 (2,100 words) valid within 6 months.

(3) $200 (4,400 words) valid within one year.

No minimum charge.


It’s time to start saving!


We welcome the opportunity to serve you and put our expertise to work for you.