Learn German In Vienna! German Courses Online and In-person

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Tailor-made German tuition according to your needs with 15 years of experience in teaching and translating.

* Regular German classes and conversation training.

* Flexible scheduling, lessons also on Saturday + Sunday.

* Professional translator and language teacher for German and Hungarian.

1-to-1 lessons can make the German grammar become far more accessible, because you can ask everything you've ever wanted to know and discuss it with me in English. So if the direct method, used in most language schools in Vienna, doesn't work for you and learning in a group with 8-10 other students doesn't fit your needs, then probably you should try a couple of private lessons. Especially in the beginning it's advisable to dive into German with English as intermediary language via translating -> comparing -> explaining.

Private tutoring has the advantage to learn at your own pace. Together we'll sharpen your passive skills in reading and listening, and practice your active skills in speaking and writing. I'll make sure you understand grammar, enhance your vocabulary and build your confidence in speaking German.

Having learned Russian, Greek and Italian myself, I know very well about the difficulties one encounters when learning a new language. More about me, my qualifications and teaching methods you'll find here: www.germanteacher.at