Invest in precious stones (emeralds and others)

We offer various precious stones for sale:
Emeralds, Brilliants, Amber, Diamonds, Rubies, Topaz - large quantities on request.
In addition, we have an offer to sell exceptional specimens of these stones, as follows:
the largest amber found in the world (31.4 kg), emerald (100.20 ct), brilliants (92.15 - 33.25 - 51.52 - 21.70 ct), diamonds (27.59 - rough 256 ct ), ruby (54745 ct) and a collection of topazes (36 stones).
Emeralds from the Pamir mountains (stones from 4 to 70 ct), the possibility of grinding service.
In addition, we offer other items of value for sale:
-- SPINEL stone "Eye of Allah" (185 ct)
-- authentic gold Scythians found in the caverns of Crimea
---chess made of gold (2 kg), and chequers game pieces made of ivory studded with diamonds
-- jewel case to snuff the last Russian tsar - authentic