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Bespoke Trip Planner | Well-Connected Tour Organizer

DEAN Africa was founded with the mission to create unique African wildlife safari and holiday experiences that challenge, connect and build legacies in Africa.
The only way to do that is by creating original and thrilling adventures for our guests that challenge them, give them an opportunity to connect with the people and cultures they visit and leave their legacy. So, whether you are planning to travel as an individual, a couple, a small group or a family with a 3 star or 6+ star budget or anything in-between we can tailor-made and book the perfect itinerary for you.


We offer visits to local villages and various cultural and educational experiences in the communities. We want you to FEEL and EXPERIENCE the true (and authentic!) Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia, and easily DO GOOD when having the time of your life and Leaving your footprint and direct touch African local communities.

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