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Looking to make the most out of your indoor space? The secret ingredient to stunning, picturesque indoors is good lighting.


Have you ever wondered why hotel rooms and lobbies are so comfortable to stay at? Why some coffee shops attract you more than others do? Why some houses in the neighbourhood have a more homey vibe? It’s because these places have got their visuals down pat: as soon as you walk into these spaces, the warm lights that accentuate the best details in their interior design stimulate your senses immediately.


A place that is well and beautifully lit is one that spurs in you many positive feelings. Lighting sets the mood, and an impressive indoor lighting design can make you feel anything from calm and relaxed to energised and productive. The better the indoor lighting in an indoor space, the more you want to chat, work, eat, or chill out -- the more you want to stay.


At Lick Colour, our interior design lighting solutions will bring your vision to life. Whether it’s residential, office, or commercial interiors, we’ll give your space the spectacular illumination it deserves. We aim to strike a balance between aesthetic and function, providing you with lighting solutions suited to your unique needs.

Fancy a licking? Experience the wonders of interior lighting today with Lick Colour. Call us at +61 416 200 097 or email us at [...].

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