Wrapped Bronze Bushes

Τιμή: BRL 1.000 / Μήνας

Crown Engineers. Was Established In 2014.  Bushes & Parts Made Out From, Sintered Bronze (Self Lubricating), Mdu/Mdx (Dry Bushes & Washers) Graphite Filled Bronze Bushes & Plates, Wrapped Bronze Bushes, Bi-Metal Bushes, Non Ferrous Bushes. (Gun Metal, Phosphor Bronze, Aluminum Bronze Etc.) Half Shell Bush Bearing.

Our Main Specialty Is To Cater Requirements With Immediate Delivery And Close Dimensional Accuracy. Due To Vast Range Many Standard Bushes/Washers Are Available Exstock Stands Guarantee For Material Composition & Workmanship Which Is The Essential Factor In Serving Engineering Industries.

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