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Bitcoin Agenda/Syllabus

(we can customize the course Curriculum as per your requirements)

Bitcoin Course Content

Introduction to Bitcoin:

General Overview of Bitcoin

Characteristics of Bitcoin

How Bitcoin Works?

Future of Bitcoin

Smaller Divisions of Bitcoin

Range of Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin Terms Described

Bitcoin Ecosystem:

As a Bitcoin user

Bitcoin Marketing

Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin Economy

Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin Speculation

Bitcoin Clients

Bitcoin Mining:

Mining Hardware

Mining Pools


Security and Centralization

Bitcoin Technical Elements:

Bitcoin Open Source Software

Bitcoin Decentralized Network

Bitcoin Addresses and Keys

Bitcoin IRC


Terms and Definitions

Hash Functions


Digital Signature

Smart Contracts

Digital Currencies

BlockChain Technology:

Blockchain Ledger

Blockchain Explorer

Vanity Addresses


Bitcoin Commerce:

Selling your Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Vs Traditional Currency

Bitcoin Payment Processors

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