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 — One of the best aspects of Canada is its value of human rights and freedoms. Canada offers refugee and asylum seekers protection to people in Canada. This protection is offered to people who fear being persecuted and who cannot or will not return to their home country. If this is the case, they can put in a refugee claim here. Refugees are people who are forced to leave their home countries because of serious human rights abuses.
The right to asylum from persecution is an international human right. It is guaranteed by the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (the “Refugee Convention”).
According to this Convention, a refugee is a person:
who is outside his or her home country and who has a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.

The Convention also spells out the key responsibilities of states towards refugees, which include the obligation not to send refugees back to the country where they face persecution.

Regardless of whether you are inside or outside the borders of Canada, if you have a well-founded fear of persecution of returning to your home country, you may qualify for protection in Canada under the Refugee class. Top Immigration Consultants Canada is known for its dedication to humanitarian efforts worldwide and if you are eligible under this class then you will be qualified to remain in Canada based on humanitarian and compassionate considerations. Our immigration consultant can help you build a strong case for your refugee claims and get you a positive decision on your request so that you do not have to return back to your home country where you will be persecuted against.

If you are making a refugee claim, your claim will go in front of an Immigration Canada officers. That officer will review your refugee claim and decide if it is eligible to be sent to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada is an independent administrative tribunal. It makes decisions on immigration and refugee claim matters. It is the Immigration and Refugee Board that determines who is a Convention refugee or a person in need of protection.

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