Integral Calculus

The book has been written in a very simple and lucid style so both students and teachers will find it an interesting study. Care has been taken to explain the fundamental principles fully and rigorously. Each article is illustrated by means of typical examples fully solved, so as to give the student a clear idea and concepts of the type of examples to be solve.

The number of questions is quite large but they have been arranged in such a way that after doing one question of the type other follow automatically.

The main features of the E-book are:-

        i.    The E-book acts simultaneously as a guide book.

       ii.     All the fundamental concepts have been inserted.

      iii.   A fairly large number of examples have been worked out properly.

     iv.    Exercises are graded and fully solved.

      v.  The E-book will serve as a valuable guide for various competitive Examinations.

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