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With tons and tons of cargoes moving over long distances to accommodate transportation and availability of a vast array of goods on a day to day basis. It is imperative to have information about the large and dynamic family of shipping containers. Selection of the right container can be the most daunting task in the world of container trade especially if you’re a rookie businessman trying your hands at export-import business. But no worries, we at will help you navigate through the different shipping container types, ranging from dry vans, pallet wide, reefers, bulkers, side doors, double doors, over top to insulated containers. Entering the world of shipping containers, one can be surprised by looking at the different types of shipping containers. Shipping containers were inventedthe  back in 1956 when cargoes were mostly shipped in barrels, sacks, drums, buckets, jute bags, etc. Today, there exist more than 12 different types of shipping containers. Dry van, pallet wide, side doors, double doors, open-top, hard roof open-top, reefers, bulkers, insulated containers, tankers, are some of the containers that are the backbone of shipping industry. They facilitate the shipment of wide categories of cargo. 

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